Golden Glorious

It was her first sunset. All on her own. She dipped her brush and set its tip against the sky. She painted a fiery glow behind slate-grey clouds, lining their edges with light. Beneath the clouds, she then hung the glowing orb of the sun in all its bittersweet dragonfire, drawing it lower and brighter with all the delicacy of a single hair. Its glow spread like a flower opening its petals against the ever-darkening clouds that blanketed above.

It was slow yet quick work, the splendor only there for a few moments but the painting of its descent painstaking and detailed nevertheless. Finally, all that remained of the light were amaranthine clouds, their undersides touched with pearly pink, the golden glory now replaced with an amberesque awe.

The sun drawn down, the air turning blue with night cool, she lifted her brush away. The deed was done, the masterpiece painted. She just hoped that, maybe, someone had been watching. Maybe someone had enjoyed her work. Her first sunset.

= =

While the resplendence of the light still warmed the flush of her cheeks, the pictures flew from her phone like rapid fire. Pictures of this glorious sunset witnessed from where she had sat on the hood of her car, letting the evening deepen and cool around her. The groceries could wait. This had been more important and definitely more beautiful.



The final moments of the day hover at the edge of the world like a last belch from the throat of a great dragon.

A dragon that would gobble up all of Time.

And it does, swallowing the Day down and exhaling Night in return.

Its flame eats itself opposite to the custom, breathing out velvet smoke where, once, fire burned bright.

Taking that Next Right Step into Light

Tomorrow, I will wish my Caribbean childhood home goodbye for another year and head back to a place that is full of uncertainty and scary things but is also undoubtedly my home. As I watched the most gorgeous sunset I’ve seen in years, I thought to hold it and draw it close and fast, cupped in my hands, the glow pressed to my heart. A reminder that I will fight for what is beautiful and true and ultimately holy. That I will not let the darkness overtake, overcome, and snuff out. Rather, with your help, I will blaze against it and hopefully encourage and help others hold on to their fire and glow. Their Realness, Trueness, and Holiness. God has called you Very Good and I will defy anyone who says otherwise.