On the Last Day of November


On this last day of November, I am thankful for so much and so many. I know that I will never name everything. But I will say this in particular, dear Reader:

Thank you for your love for my work.
Thank you for your patience with my silence.
Thank you for your generosity in your encouragement.
Thank you for your care.
Thank you for your trust in me when you give me parts of your heart to help hold, even if just for a moment.
Thank you for warm blankets and pillow forts for my soul.
Thank you for sharing my burdens, my joys, my laughs, and my tears.
Thank you for teaching me to hold space for others.
Thank you for reminding me to hold more space center stage for myself.
Thank you for your likes, your comments, and your shares. My words are not big but you make my heart feels so
Thank you for all you have done and all you will do, for who you are and who you will be in days to come.
I thank you, and I love you.


Many Thanks!

In 2014, I published 155 posts/articles here on MWGS, had 2,174 visitors to the site with 3,422 views, 388 likes, and 76 comments. I’ve also had six articles published by The Well Written Woman. This might not seem like a great deal in the long run but it is a HUGE deal to me to make such forward strides with my writing, and I have you folks to thank. So…from the bottom to the top of my heart, thank you! ^_^