Writing Prompt – She Held Stones, Flowers, & Shells

From Bella Grace magazine, Issue 4: Summer 2015. Article and Prompt by She Is Three.

List 5 tangible, physical items that bring you comfort:

  • My blanket
  • A box from Malawi that my dear friend gave me
  • A fountain pen
  • My husband’s sweatshirt
  • A book

How does each make you feel?

  • Safe, warm, comfortable
  • Loved, remembered, thought well of
  • Creative, elegant, verbose
  • Beloved, comforted, supported
  • Adventurous, awed, inspired, elevated


List 5 intangible items that return you to yourself

  • Rain/snowfall outside my window
  • A crackling fire
  • Classical music
  • The rustle of a gown or dress
  • The click of my heels on a tiled floor

How does each make you feel?

  • Peaceful, like the world has quieted and is observing this beautiful moment with me
  • Relaxed, as if it is bedtime everywhere
  • Like I am soaring above heights of heart
  • Elegant, classic, beautiful
  • Powerful, strong, like I’m on top of the world

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