Inventorying Your Beauties

  1. What color makes you feel beautiful when you wear it?
    1. A color that makes me feel beautiful is yellow. I feel sunshiny yet poised, and it feels like my own personal light is shining through the cracks. One of my favorite dresses is a lovely, 60s-esque yellow, white, and grey striped pencil dress with a belted empire waist. Love the way it makes me look and feel!
    2. I also love basic black and grey. They are understated and elegant and they give me the chance to be creative with my hair, shoes, and accessories. A little pop of the right color can do wonders for a look and for this woman’s head-holding and hip-swaying.
  2. What is one of your physical features that you think is the most beautiful?
    1. My hands. They are small and petite and delicate. I love it when they are held, caressed, and kissed. A friend in high school used to exclaim over how small they are and say how a man was going to fall in love with me for my hands alone.
  3. What is it about your heart that is beautiful?
    1. I have a deep-seated desire to help the hearts of others. I want them to know that they are thought of and cared for even when all they feel points to otherwise. I want to be able to give someone’s horrible day some life, light, and a silver lining.
  4. What is your definition of true beauty?
    1. I will be the first to admit when someone is physically beautiful and to call them so. But, for me, what makes someone truly beautiful in the deeper sense of the word is how they treat others. I am not saying that a beautiful person is calm and graceful all the time and lets everything just roll off. No, we are all human. A person of true beauty is one who lovingly holds space for the hearts of others, speaks truth and life, and does their best to treat each other as well as they can in every situation, even if it means stepping away from said situation. I cannot tell you just how much people like this have done for me in my lifetime, how they have saved and buoyed up my heart and spirit. I am truly thankful for the space they have held and the beautiful souls they have shared with me.

One of my favorite Scripture verses

Writing Prompt – She Held Stones, Flowers, & Shells

From Bella Grace magazine, Issue 4: Summer 2015. Article and Prompt by She Is Three.

List 5 tangible, physical items that bring you comfort:

  • My blanket
  • A box from Malawi that my dear friend gave me
  • A fountain pen
  • My husband’s sweatshirt
  • A book

How does each make you feel?

  • Safe, warm, comfortable
  • Loved, remembered, thought well of
  • Creative, elegant, verbose
  • Beloved, comforted, supported
  • Adventurous, awed, inspired,¬†elevated


List 5 intangible items that return you to yourself

  • Rain/snowfall outside my window
  • A crackling fire
  • Classical music
  • The rustle of a gown or dress
  • The click of my heels on a tiled floor

How does each make you feel?

  • Peaceful, like the world has quieted and is observing this beautiful moment with me
  • Relaxed, as if it is bedtime everywhere
  • Like I am soaring above heights of heart
  • Elegant, classic, beautiful
  • Powerful, strong, like I’m on top of the world