Blooming into May

All around my house right now are flowers. I have baskets of impatiens hanging from the top of my porch in brilliant purples and oranges. There are braided hibiscus trees in plots just before the porch, one with a bright yellow bloom already nestled among its green. And standing sentinel by the side of the house are brilliant red mandevilla, already heavy with blossoms on their little potted trellises.

I do not usually have so many plants about because, to tell the truth, I have a black thumb and cannot raise anything flora that depends upon me for survival. But I am so glad to have these flowers and their glorious colors around to brighten my spring. I miss my hardy, self-sufficient annuals at our previous home and how the little garden plots in the front and side of the house would bloom with snowdrops, daffodils, hyacinths, tulips, and lilies every spring and summer, and it gave my heart such joy to see such gorgeous life filling my little world. I love flowers and their elegance, their detailed meanings, heady and intoxicating aromas, even though I am not the best at cultivating them.

That’s rather like life, isn’t it? I do not have to be good at everything or an expert in the process to be able to appreciate the beauty of the result. I do not need to hover over and control every little detail for a venture to be successful; there are some things that really do take care of themselves. Things do not always need to be perfect for me to be grateful and plans do not always need to be laid out to produce a wonderful result. I am not good at raising or taking care of flowers or plants, yet they cover my head in beauty and fill my imagination with gorgeousness, and for that I could not be more grateful.


Writing Prompt – She Held Stones, Flowers, & Shells

From Bella Grace magazine, Issue 4: Summer 2015. Article and Prompt by She Is Three.

List 5 tangible, physical items that bring you comfort:

  • My blanket
  • A box from Malawi that my dear friend gave me
  • A fountain pen
  • My husband’s sweatshirt
  • A book

How does each make you feel?

  • Safe, warm, comfortable
  • Loved, remembered, thought well of
  • Creative, elegant, verbose
  • Beloved, comforted, supported
  • Adventurous, awed, inspired,¬†elevated


List 5 intangible items that return you to yourself

  • Rain/snowfall outside my window
  • A crackling fire
  • Classical music
  • The rustle of a gown or dress
  • The click of my heels on a tiled floor

How does each make you feel?

  • Peaceful, like the world has quieted and is observing this beautiful moment with me
  • Relaxed, as if it is bedtime everywhere
  • Like I am soaring above heights of heart
  • Elegant, classic, beautiful
  • Powerful, strong, like I’m on top of the world