An Invitation

My Dear Readers and Friends,

Today, as Christmas Eve dawns and grows, if you are finding yourself overwhelmed (or underwhelmed) by all that needs to be done/accomplished/achieved/experienced in this holiday season, I have a personal invitation for you.

Stop. Right here. Right now. Take a deep, full breath, and type “Me” in the comments. 

Here’s why: I would be more than happy to share a pick-me-up, word of encouragement, give you a virtual hug, a prayer, or just let you know: “Me, too”. I will not promise that it will fix everything but that is not my goal. My goal is simple: for you to know that you are not alone, my friend. Never alone.

Love and lots of hugs,


I am Charlie Brown

Every year, at Christmastime, I have the same realization: I am Charlie Brown. I’ve been depressed with Christmas shopping, run off my feet with activities, stressed out with preparations, and just not very much in the Christmas spirit, honestly.  At some point in the holidays, I “always end up feeling depressed”. And I forget.

I forget the quiet moments, the still small voice that seeks to remind me of the reason why we celebrate Christmas and this season. I forget the Lord that came to earth, bringing hope with his life, and joy amidst the fears of the day-to-day. I forget His peace. And I wish I didn’t. But peace is fleeting in this season, and I snatch it in the few moments that I can. Five minutes in the snowfall after taking out the trash. Twenty minutes in a nearly-empty Bob Evans while waiting for my order. It’s that tranquility that I should be keeping with me all the time, not snatching them like islands in a sea of chaos. But that’s what the season has become for so many of us: chaos. The peaceful moments are so few and far between in everyday life, and I wish that weren’t the case. But sometimes, those fleeting instants of peace are all we can do.

‘Tis the Season

Today is December 1st but I wasn’t feeling it at all. Of course, that could have been due to the extremely busy morning I had. However, once we made it to church and started singing hymns, it was brought home  to me most powerfully that we are in the Christmas season. And it made my heart warm. I love Christmas hymns and all the memories that they invoke when I hear/sing them. I remember 22 years of singing those hymns and Chrismas songs with family and friends, in choir, in church, and around the house, and how it raised my spirits and filled me with that unmistakable “feeling” that is the Christmas season to me. I know that Christmas is more than songs, decorations, gifts, etc., but there is something about the music that just makes me FEEL Christmas-y.

Our neighbors are putting up their lights. I, in my turn,  will get my tree and decorations up this week and start wrapping presents (though they will be hidden away until Christmas Eve because my daughter likes to eat paper and is mobile enough to get her hands on a present before Mommy notices). Time for the Christmas candles and little touches of winter here and there throughout my house. Christmas parties, dinners, and gifts for friends.

Yep. ‘Tis the Season!